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Oil Change Service

Ford Oil Change Service

When you're looking for a place to get an oil change in Owings Mills, come to Len Stoler Ford to get your Ford oil change done right.

Oil Change Services at Len Stoler Ford

Oil is the lifeblood of your Ford vehicle. Regular oil changes keep your Ford running longer. It keeps the engine lubricated to reduce wear-and-tear along with minimizing friction between engine parts. When you're looking for a place to get an oil change in Owings Mills, come to Len Stoler Ford to get your Ford oil change done right. Here's a look at the oil change services we offer:

Oil Changes Services

  • Synthetic Oil Change for Best Performance - Synthetic oil is the best kind of oil you can put in your car. Modern engines have cylinders that are made to very tight tolerances and have little clearance between the moving parts. Synthetic oil has higher viscosity which enables engine parts to turn more quickly and improve vehicle performance. Once used primarily in performance vehicles, synthetic oil has become more popular among car owners due to its protective properties and ability to last longer than conventional oil.
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  • Conventional Oil Change for Most Cars - Most cars and light-duty SUVs are best served by getting a conventional oil change. Conventional oil is suitable for most makes and models of Ford cars and trucks that undergo average driving conditions and loads. Conventional oil does break down more quickly than other types of oil changes, but if you're not driving excessively, your Ford vehicle will do fine and keep performing as it should with a conventional oil change.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change for Vehicles That Need a Little Extra - A semi-synthetic oil change combines conventional and synthetic motor oil together in a 50/50 ratio. This type of oil change is less expensive than a full synthetic oil change while providing the superior engine protection of synthetic oil. The increased viscosity of synthetic oil helps reduce engine wear and is slower to break down than conventional oil. All Ford vehicles can get a semi-synthetic oil change, but it's best for Ford vehicles that are put under load on a regular basis.
  • Diesel Engine Oil Change Keeps Your Diesel Engine Running Right - Diesel engines need a diesel engine oil change in order to keep the engine running under optimal conditions. Diesel engines operate differently from gasoline engines and require engine oil specifically formulated for the way they function. Diesel engine oil is thicker than conventional oil and contains detergents to help reduce the amount of soot that's generated by a diesel engine.

Come See Us at Len Stoler Ford for Your Next Oil Change

If you're not sure if you should get a semi-synthetic oil change, a full synthetic oil change, or a conventional oil change, contact our service department Len Stoler Ford and talk to our experts about your oil change options. You'll get our great Ford oil change services and your Ford gets the best oil change in Owings Mills.

Ford Oil Change Service

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Here at Len Stoler Ford, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible service experience. Not only will your Ford get the maintenance and repairs it needs, but you can also enjoy amenities like complimentary snacks and beverages, a quiet room, free Wi-Fi, and so much more. Schedule your service appointment online or over the phone today; then, come to Len Stoler Ford!

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